The new season is starting soon, sign up!

The new season is starting soon, sign up!

8. September 2020

The new season is starting soon, sign up!

The first season is starting soon, sign up!

Registration for the new season has started. Sign up and play 4 matches each month, from October 6th till January 30th. Registration is open till October 4th. Besides well-balanced opponents, we are offering you something else: free registration for one of your friends, who has never played our league before. And remember - the sooner you sign up, the lower the price you pay. You can do it right here! 

The sooner you sign up, the less you pay

  • till 21. 9. you will pay 35 GBP
  • till 28. 9. you will pay 37 GBP
  • till 04. 10. you will pay 39 GBP

  • When registration is complete, you will receive an email with the code, which you can then use to register one of your friends, who never played our league before, for free. 

Sign up here

Why sign up?

  • the autumn season offers you 16 matches
  • in each round we'll provide you 4 well-balanced opponents
  • beginners will start playing in the group with a similar level. All you have to do is fill out a simple form during the registration process -  with us, beginners play with beginners, advanced play with advanced, right from start. 

Why play the whole season?

It's the most advantageous option. The entire season, which has 4 months, costs 35 GBP.
If you decide to register later, you will pay 35 GBP for 3 months, 28 GBP for 2 months, and 20 GBP for one month.

This league idea is new to you and you are not sure if you should sign up? We have one month trial for you

If you are registering with us for the first timeyou can have the first round as a trial - you will pay 4 GBP, we will give you 4 opponents and if you decide, at the end of the first round, to continue the league, all you have to do is pay the rest of 31 GBP and you can stay within the league till the end of the season.

Note that if you opt to register only for the trial month, we won't be able to offer a free season for your friend. 

How to sign up?

  1. choose your sport and your city
  2. click on Sign up for the new season
  3. transfer the fee to your FlexiLiga e-wallet and finalize the registration
  4. wait till the 6th of October, when we'll let you know by email, who your opponents are

Don't hesitate and just give it a try!


Natalia Bicbaiev, your FlexiLiga Administrator

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