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That's awesome! The next few points will show you what makes FlexiLiga so special. And that's all from us for now, we’ll let some of our players tell you what it’s all about.

How FlexiLiga works

Choose the sport and the city you want to play in.
We will place you at the level that suits you.
At the beginning of each month, we'll assign you 4 new opponents.
You will schedule the matches with your opponents - you choose the time and place that works best for you. You pay the court rent but get a discounted price.
You enter your match results on our user-friendly web site.
The following month, you will move up among stronger opponents or switch to a lower level.
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I find the entire league system great. I like that I get to know lots of different play styles and I know that there are always 4 assigned matches waiting for me each month. The best thing is – I don’t have to spend any effort in finding my opponents – FlexiLiga does it for me. When I play with my mate outside the league matches, I don’t really find it as entertaining anymore, as I miss the competitive nature of the league.

Iva Squash
  • 4 games per month
    4 matches each month , 3 seasons per year
  • 555 CZK per season
    35 GBP per season , which is 2 GBP per week
  • Agreements system
    A community of players who love sports
  • Men women
    Court discounts at multiple sportcentres

After playing the first round of the tennis league, I am very happy. The management and organization of the league are top notch. I played quality tennis matches and am looking forward to playing new matches and meeting new friends. At this moment i wouldn't recommend any changes as the system works perfectly and has met all my expectations so far.

John Tennis
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  • Ranking
    Not satisfied you will get a full refund
  • Regular sport activity
    Regular sport activity that builds character
  • Agreements system
    Match scheduling system that works
  • Men women
    Men and women play together. Rankings are separate
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I like that I've only met people who just want to play and sweat a bit and not compete for trophies. So far it’s a cool and great activity for my free time.

Thomas Badminton
  • You can start
    You can start any month
  • Slottable prices
    Prize lottery for regular players
  • Charity
    Charity is not just a word for us
  • You'll be better
    Get better each season

I started with FlexiLiga last year. And what comes to my mind when I hear FlexiLiga? New people, awesome experience, joy from movement, the possibility to play with better players, discovery of new play styles, an ideal combination of sports and fun.

Ana Squash
Image 4

Who takes care of you in the league?

We take care for our players since 2007, when Tom started the league as a student project. Since then, FlexiLiga became a significant part of our life. We fine tune, organize and schedule – all that just for you.

  • Tom Reinbergr Founder of FlexiLiga
    Sports have always played a significant role in my life. They are a source of happiness and connection with yourself and the others. I hope FlexiLiga will bring you closer to a healthy, fulfilling and well-balanced life.
  • Natalia Bicbaiev London Manager
    Since the very beginning of my interaction with FlexiLiga, I found myself being part of a big community of wonderful and happy people, striving to excel at sports they love and enjoy the challange without the stress of competition.

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